Infographic: 2015 Trends in Global Employee Engagement


Leaders in some of the world’s top companies have realized the intermingled relationships among talent, engaged talent, and their connections to positive business results.

Many organizations, attempting to follow suit, are having a hard time connecting the dots in getting their employee engagement strategies aligned with their business strategies. The added complexities of the global workforce, ever-changing technology, and demographics are bigger considerations than ever, and it makes for a situation that’s not easy to navigate. So the question becomes, “How do you create this culture of engagement and make engagement happen?”

Aon Hewitt’s 2015 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report takes a deep look at the latest global engagement trends. It explains the top employee engagement drivers and describes the elements needed to create an environment that facilitates success and sustainability.






Download the full report. Or, find out how the global trends compare to 2014.

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