Organizational Change & Restructuring


Research Briefings are a service from BC HRMA’s research group. The aim is to make it easier and quicker for HR professionals to find and apply the latest and best people management insight to their challenges and projects.

The results of the 2012 HR Trends Survey indicate that most organizations are continuing to operate in an environment characterized by organizational change and / or reorganization, and that HR is continuing to play a key role.

Organizational restructuring was the top new addition to the HR function’s scope. The full research briefing examines survey results that indicate that HR will be focused on making changes and having an impact on areas that will facilitate the organization to effectively understand, lead, and navigate change, and to respond to the changing role requirements and realities that will emerge through core areas such as: learning and development / leadership development, performance management, engagement, and recruitment / selection and succession.

Read the full briefing.

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