Retaining Employees: How Much Does Your ‘Hero Cape’ Cost?


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Demographic research surveys show that attracting and retaining desirable employees is becoming increasingly difficult and this trend will intensify in the coming years. Other than incurring prohibitive salary increases, stock options, enhanced and costly dental and health benefits, are there no benefits available for free to an employer which will be of real and appreciated value to their employees?

Fortunately, for business owners and HR professionals the answer is YES there are!

Every week, more mid-sized and large-sized employers are entering into an agreement that garner their employee’s access to home insurance that is much broader in coverage and more competitively priced than is generally available from regular retail insurance brokers. These employees are absolutely delighted with the initiative of their employers. Not only do the employees personally benefit by saving money each year through lower premiums, but, when claims occur and are paid which would not have been covered through a standard, non-program insurance policy, the employer often becomes a ‘hero’ in the eyes of the employee for having arranged access to such a special program.  

Why should you, as an employer, consider a group home insurance program? 

  1. Group home insurance is a program for your employees that can be provided at no cost to you.
  2. It is perceived as an extension to the total compensation package you provide.
  3. You are in control – you have full authority over how we market to your group.
  4. There are no administration hassles. You merely make the program known to your employees; the insurance professional deals directly with any employee who desires a quote, issuance of a policy, or processing of a claim.

What are the benefits to your employees?

  1. They may personally save money through lower premiums. Such savings could continue each year.
  2. They should receive broader, more comprehensive, coverage than is generally available when purchasing insurance on an individual basis outside of a program.
  3. They will not be bothered by sales calls. Participation in the program is strictly voluntary. You make the program known to your employees; if THEY wish to make contact with the insurance provider, THEY initiate the contact through phone call, fax, or e-mail. They can even generate their own home insurance tentative quote on a website any time of the day or night. If they like the quote, THEY can then choose to deal directly with an insurance professional.

A ‘hero cape’ that costs employers absolutely nothing, and that helps retain employees: other organizations are donning them with increased regularity – perhaps you should too?

Mardon Group Insurance Services Ltd is an independent brokerage that specializes in Home, Business, and Automobile Group Insurance for associations and employers. MGI provides programs for the BCMA (British Columbia Medical Association), PABC (Physiotherapists Association of British Columbia), Translink, Coast Mountain Bus Company, AMA (Alberta Medical Association), SMA (Saskatchewan Medical Association), and more. MGI is part of the Mardon Group of Companies which has been serving clients since 1928 and which represents over 20 insurance companies, thus enabling it to customize programs by selecting offerings from a wide range of insurers.

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