9 HR Hacks to Help Organizations with Onboarding Recent Graduates


Adapting to a new job can be a challenge for anyone. However, the process is particularly unique for recent college and university graduates. They are typically not accustomed to working in their chosen industry in a full-time capacity.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to help any recent graduates your organization hires adapt to their new working environment more quickly.

Hack #1: Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

A new employee will feel much more comfortable if they are introduced to the organization and their coworkers before they begin working. While it is important not to overwhelm them, introducing them to other employees will help them relax on their first day.

That is why it is also a good idea to alert other employees when a new hire is going to arrive. They will be more likely to be friendly and pleasant if they know they are meeting a new coworker.

Hack #2: Show the New Employee Around the Office

An employee’s desk is by no means the only part of the office they need to be familiar with. Recent graduates feel much more comfortable in their first professional roles when they know the layout of the entire office. Thus, anyone involved in the onboarding process should point out the location of the dining areas, supply closets, medkits, smoking areas,, and any other vital spots in the working environment.

Hack #3: Organize a Comfortable Workspace

No employee can succeed in their role if they don’t have access to the right tools and resources. That’s why it’s essential to prepare a recent graduate’s workspace ahead of time. They’ll be much more productive on their first day if they have clear access to all the necessary tools.

Business experts also point out that maintaining an organized workspace is the key to maximizing productivity and efficiency. Take some time to clean and organize a new worker’s desk and both the worker and the organization will benefit from it.

Additionally, you must consider that a recent hire is likely to have questions to their manager or mentor during their first few weeks on the job. Making sure their desk is located close to their supervisor or at the very least, they have a direct line of communication with their supervisor  is crucial.

Hack #4: Explain the Company Culture

Introducing employees to the company culture is an effective way to boost their engagement from the start. That involves explaining the company hierarchy, describing corporate events they may attend, letting them know if the company distributes any awards, and generally illustrating how the organization embodies certain key values and principles.

When new workers understand a business’ culture, they feel more directly connected to the community. They also better understand the value of their contribution. Again, this leads to higher levels of engagement, which in turn lead to optimal productivity, efficiency, and motivation.

Hack #5: Describe the Surrounding Area

Don’t make the mistake of assuming a recent grad only needs to be familiar with the office in order to feel comfortable and welcome. There is a good chance they will also want to explore the surrounding area as well, even if it is simply to go out for lunch.

Providing them with a map with key points of interest clearly marked will help them adjust quickly and easily. This step is usually overlooked, so keep it in mind during the onboarding process.

Hack #6: Ask Veteran Employees to Help

A recent hire’s supervisor will not always be available when they have questions. On top of that, new employees often feel reluctant to put too many questions to their manager or mentor. They simply do not want to appear incompetent.

Still, it is critical for them to have someone they can turn to when questions do arise. Ensure they will by asking other veteran employees in their department to help in these instances. Let the recent grad know they can turn to certain coworkers when they have questions or concerns that may not warrant getting in touch with the supervisor.

Hack #7: Establish a Routine

Different organizations have different requirements for how employees may spend their time. Some allow employees to take as many breaks as they please, whenever they please, as long as they complete their daily tasks. Others have strict rules regarding breaks. Some organizations let employees talk amongst themselves while working; others prohibit this. While one organization may require workers to arrive and leave at consistent times, others are more flexible.

Make sure your recent hires understand these rules and expectations. Doing so helps them establish a routine. Additionally, if you use any time management or productivity tracking software, explain to them precisely how it is used.

Hack #8: Set Clear Expectations

According to a Gallup poll, approximately half of all workers in the United States feel they don’t know what’s expected of them.

Don’t let this happen at your company. Employees are simply far more likely to be engaged with their roles when clear expectations are established. This involves making sure a recent graduate understands what tasks they are expected to complete in the short run, while also clearly explaining any relevant long-term expectations as well. They’ll feel more confident in their ability to thrive when they know what their responsibilities entail.

Hack #9: Introduce Them to Your Technical Settings

When you’re accustomed to using certain tools and technologies on a regular basis, it is easy to forget that workers who have just spent the last few years at university may not be familiar with them.

An employee cannot succeed if they do not know how to use the key tools. Before they start working, make sure they are taught how to use any and all tools that may need to apply.

Remember, taking these steps doesn’t merely serve to help a new employee adjust. It also benefits the organization. When a recent graduate feels confident in their role, they will be a much more effective worker.



Elizabeth Price is a freelance writer interested in education, marketing, and business-related topics. A former Psychology student of Montclair State University, she is still an active learner eager to research almost any topic. Elizabeth works as an essay writer at EssayPro. You can reach here on Twitter or drop her a letter to elizabethprice993@gmail.com.

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