Online Learning Or Weekend Classes: Which is a Better Adult Education Experience For Me?


Working adults who are considering going back to school are faced with several adult education learning options, such as attending class in the evening and on weekends or online learning programs just to name a couple.

Deciding whether to attend online classes or on-campus classes is the most significant choice that adult learners are faced with. Figuring out the differences between online and traditional learning can help you decide which is right for you.

Here are the key factors to consider when choosing between online learning and weekend classes.


One of the major concerns of working adults is convenience. After all, You don’t want classes to interfere with your working schedule, family time, or leisure time do you?

Online classes are flexible options. They can easily fit into your busy schedule and you can attend class while commuting on transit, during lunch breaks, at night, on the weekend, or after your children go to bed. All you have to do is manage time in a way that works for you.

CPHR BC & Yukon offer a variety of online learning opportunities as part of their PD On-Demand store – some even for free for members.

Weekend and evening classes are set to accommodate students with commitments traditional hours of school, ie, 9-5, Monday-to-Friday. This means that they will barely interfere with your work schedule if you work during those hours.

However, these classes still have set times that you ought to be in class physically. Besides that, they will take up your time and money since you have to commute. They also may conflict with family time and other weekend and evening routines. 

Social Interaction

Is social interaction during learning important to you?

What level of social interaction are you hoping to have as you learn?

Most people who prefer to learn online thrive in an independent study environment, but does this mean that you cannot seek online class help?

Social interaction still happens in online courses, although it is not rampant and it takes different forms. Students interact with their tutors and peers via various channels such as video chat and discussion forums. Some online courses also offer lectures recorded in traditional classrooms, which have more social interaction, to help aid deeper understanding and retention.

Weekend and evening classes are the best option for learners who thrive on face-to-face communication. On-campus learning allows for spur-of-the-moment questioning, which might not be possible in an online setting. If you need to see your teacher be motivated to learn, then weekend and evening classes are the best for you.

On in-person learning opportunity available to CPHR BC & Yukon Members are Roundtables. These structured meetings offer HR professionals the opportunity to network, share thoughts on HR topics, learn and interact with peers. Roundtables generally run in all regions, Sept.-June.

Learning Methods

Are you a visual, audio, tactile, or kinaesthetic learner? You ought to consider your learning style before deciding between online and weekend classes.

The abilities to read and absorb information, and to communicate articulately via writing are essential in online learning. Also, you ought to be a self-starter and hold yourself accountable to attend class regularly.

Weekend and evening classes are more flexible when it comes to catering for different learning methods. Audio and visual learners can learn during lectures, those who learn by talking through a subject benefit from group discussions, while others can learn through reading and taking notes. Also, attendance is checked regularly, and you are accountable to professors and classmates, which will motivate you to attend class.


Cost is something you always have to consider, regardless of the method of learning that you prefer. Costs vary from institution to institution, so it is difficult to state that one form of education is more expensive than the other.

However, online learning is usually much cheaper because it lacks costs such as transportation, textbooks, and rooms. One benefit of weekend and evening classes is that you can usually get financial aid, which many online schools lack.

Ensure that you compare different online and weekend class packages before deciding on the best one.

Closing Thoughts On Adult Education

Both online and weekend and evening classes are excellent options for adults –depending on one’s needs. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is upon students to decide which works best for their habits, schedule, and lifestyle.

And remember this last though, generally, online learners ought to be self-driven and excellent time managers if they are to complete the course.



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