Recognizing A Trend And Taking Action: The Consultant Directory


In recent years, CPHR BC & Yukon has seen an increase in the number of members working as independent HR consultants.

This can be attributed to a few different factors, with flexibility being the key reason among the consultants I have spoken with.

HR professionals are recognized as having the ability to work across industries, bringing their expertise to any business with an interest in pursuing exceptional people practices. This allows them the flexibility and creativity to serve various organizations as a consultant, and so we see some HR professionals leaving their senior HR positions with a single company to venture out on their own and serve many.

Longtime consultants have also recognized the value of being a member of an association that advocates for HR professionals, provides learning opportunities, and supports peer-to-peer networking. Connecting with fellow HR professionals, and those that want to do business with them, can lead to new business ventures and partnerships and open up pathways for resource and content sharing.

As staff at an association representing more than 6,800 HR professionals, the team here at CPHR BC & Yukon regularly receives requests from businesses seeking HR expertise.

Whether the organization needs a contract or full-time employee, we feel well-equipped to support these external inquiries.

The CPHR BC & Yukon Job Board is the most popular section of our website, where members are concerned. Employers know that by posting a position here, it will be viewed by the most qualified and committed HR professionals in their region.

The other resource at our fingertips is the Consultant Directory, where we often refer inquiries from the business community looking for strength in a particular HR competency area or areas.

A search of the Consultant Directory can be refined with filters, allowing members of the public to seek out consultants with specific areas of expertise. We know that this has been particularly useful for partners seeking consultants for unique projects or teams.

The intention behind establishing this member resource two years ago was to create a way for those venturing out on their own to promote themselves effectively, but also to provide organizations with easy access to qualified HR expertise. It is a member benefit for those members working as consultants, and an important resource for the greater business community.

The Consultant Directory has also become a useful tool for those of us working with key partners across the country. When a request comes through for a member to provide high-level HR content as a speaker, panelist, writer, interviewee etc., we can look to the Consultants Directory as a starting point. When submitting a profile to the directory, consultants are asked to indicate whether they would be interested in speaking opportunities or providing content, should the opportunity rise.

We believe in supporting our consultant members; those that have been paving the way in this field for years and those that are just starting out.

Our hope is that, with the recent growth of the Consultant Directory, and new strategies to create awareness about it within the business community, we can continue to further advance the HR profession and support those doing great things within it.


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Kelly Aslanowicz is CPHR BC & Yukon’s director, business development. She oversees the professional development department, HR Conference & Expo, advertising and partner relations.

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