Recruit Millennials Through Video


By Robert Wendover

If there is one medium that attracts the attention of Millennials more than any other it is video. I’m not just talking about cable television or even online services such as

This video culture originates on virtually every digital platform available today. To get a taste of it, you can begin by searching on sites like and, but check most Millennial’s smart phones and you’ll find a collection of video clips taken at parties, in class, at work and everywhere else.

From there, they are shared through social networking to their thousands of “friends.” With all this on video, you might conclude that most firms would have posted videos on the web to attract and train Millennial applicants. You’d be wrong.

As the economy begins to grow again, young people will be the first to look for other opportunities simply because they are the most flexible, and impatient, workers you have. Surveys already indicate that as many as 75 per cent of workers will look for other employment as the economy improves. The Millennials will lead this movement.

As any employer, you want to attract the best people available for every position. The best people, of course, use all possible avenues to locate the best companies. The best companies use every option at their disposal to connect with top performers. This now includes social networking, virtual conferences, email campaigns and video clips everywhere they think prospects may reside online.

With the amount of competition for share of mind out there, what better way to introduce your organization to these prospects? Video clips can persuasively explain what you have to offer as an employer. They can outline career opportunities. They can feature testimonials from age-peers who carry more influence than the CEO. The list of possibilities is endless. Here are a few that have caught my eye:

While some firms spend thousands on these productions, some of the most effective are those developed by front-liners using a smart phone camera and roving narration. Today’s video is about immediacy. The time to do it is now! It’s better to be out there with something engaging and full of content than to wait for the bureaucracy to bless it and produce it.

Robert W. Wendover, CSP, is Director of The Center for Generational Studies which has been assisting organizations with their workforce talent transitions for more than 20 years. For more information go to

This article was originally published on Reprinted with permission.

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