Six Facts to Convince Your Boss to Hire a Co-op Student


Between artificial intelligence, automation, hybrid or remote work, and the downsizing of office spaces, the way we work has rapidly changed over the past two years. While experts had long predicted these changes, the Covid-19 global pandemic forced the world to accelerate and adapt to these shifts sooner than expected.

Co-operative education is one of the best and most economical ways that your organization can prepare for the changing future.

Here are six things you can tell your boss to convince them to hire a co-op student:

1. Co-op Reduces Hiring Risk

While co-op terms typically last 12-16 weeks, employers can rehire students for future terms or hire them permanently after graduation. The short-term commitment of the co-op work term enables employers to train students, evaluate specific skills and identify any additional talent they might need for the future.

2. Co-op Is An Affordable Way To Hire And Invest Back Into Your Organization

Organizations that participated in hiring co-op students from the University of Waterloo saw an average return of $2 dollars for every $1 dollar invested in co-op talent. With current funding opportunities, organizations may be able to recoup 50-70 per cent of the cost of a student’s salary.

3. Co-op Students Bring A Fresh And Diverse Perspective

Coming from a learning environment, co-op students find innovative solutions to existing problems. Their lived experience offers insights and perspectives that can bring different cultural points of view—critical for organizations that want to diversify their thinking.

4. Co-op Students Have Hybrid Skills

Co-op students learn soft skills through their combined academic and work experience. They also offer strong communications skills, critical thinking and adaptability. They’re technologically savvy and provide relevant perspectives to current trends and cultural events, which can help organizations grow their brands.

5. Co-op Students Are A Fit For Any Department

At the University of Waterloo, more than 120 programs from across six faculties offer co-op components. Whether you’re looking for support in human resources, environmental and city planning, accounting or marketing, there are students and programs with the qualifications and experience to help your organization.

6. Co-op Attracts Emerging Talent To Your Community

For many students, relocation is certainly an option for the right opportunity. While co-op can help to bring new talent to your community, the opportunity to travel can also be an attractive benefit to students during their four-month work term.

Now that you’ve persuaded your boss to test the water by hiring a co-op student, begin recruiting emerging talent from the University of Waterloo today.

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Peggy Eichinger is a Regional Manager for the University of Waterloo, Co-operative and Experiential Education. She acts as the first point of contact for organizations based in Western Canada, helping them to navigate the recruitment process and provide strategic advice to find the best co-op talent for their open positions.  If you are interested in learning more about hiring from the University of Waterloo, please reach out:

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