Six Tips for Working Wellness into the Workplace

In BC, May 30 – June 3 is Bike to Work Week. The United States celebrate May as National Employee Health and Fitness Month. Clearly, workplace wellness continues to be a hot topic in and around the office. 

Health and fitness at work may seem difficult, but it can actually be very easy. To get you started, here are six tips:

Break it up – For lots of us, an 8 hour work day is a thing of the past. We’re working long hours. But that doesn’t mean you have to be chained to your desk all day. Allow yourself a break and use it to move, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.  Take a walk, say hello to a friend on the other side of the building, or travel an extra block for your afternoon coffee.

Say it out loud – By making your fitness goals public, you’re more likely to stick to them. A little bit of peer pressure is a good thing! Take over an office bulletin board and invite your coworkers post their goals for the month – and then make sure you check in and see how everyone’s doing.

Introduce moving meetings – Touch base with your manager while taking a lap around the office. With Blackberries, Android devices and iPads, our work is more portable than ever, making it easy to tackle the to-do list while on the go!

Start small – Studies have shown that fidgeting and repeated small movements can combat the negative side effects of sitting all day at a desk. Take this as a great excuse to turn up your Pandora and tap your feet to the rhythm. Or find a friend and toss a ball back and forth over the cubicle for 5 minutes. 

Upgrade your snacks – It’s easy to reach for treats when you’re stressed and short on time. This month, bring in a box of all-natural granola bars for you and your team to munch on. These snacks are still sweet and delicious, and will give you and your coworkers the proper nutrition to stay alert and energized.

Make it social – Lots of research shows that good health behaviors are contagious. Be a positive influence on your peers and your company and invite a friend to join you on a walk during lunch or an early morning workout. Including friends will keep you committed and motivated, plus it’s way more fun to tackle fitness in groups!

Tips provided by Shape Up The Nation.

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