Winning Outcomes: The Secret Spice


By Diane Taylor

It is probably not the biggest secret that I am not a huge sports fan. However, I am a fan of sports psychology and the conditioning of champions—as it works well in achieving goals and objectives in both business and in life.

Champions on and off the field do something different, something extra that sets them apart. Not only do they practice, practice and practice their skills until they are habitual, they visualize and experience winning outcomes. They go beyond setting a goal and hoping it comes to fruition, to seeing and feeling it happening.

Elite athletes work not only in the physical realm of their game, but in all realms: physical (body), mental (mind or ego), emotional (heart) and spiritual (soul).

Consider golf for a moment. If you are a sports psychology fan you have heard of Dr. Bob Rotella. Since 1984, he has coached the winners of 74 championships in professional golf.  However, this is not a new concept. It dates back over 60 years to Neville Goddard a pioneer of the idea that imagination creates reality. Neville revealed “the secret spice” – feeling. Not just any feeling—the kind of feeling that happens in the heart and soul.

The University of Ottawa developed a model called “The Resonance Performance Model” that is used by the Canadian Olympic Team. It illustrates that in order to move beyond the typical loop of setting a goal, bumping up against an obstacle and then returning back to the first stage of goal setting, gold medal athletes fully embrace how standing on the podium will feel. This way when they come up against an obstacle they feel that gold medal around their neck; they feel how it feels when they bite it between their teeth; they feel the emotion in their heart when they see their country’s flag being raised and hear their national anthem being played. When they are training, these feelings—and heart centered vision which inspires them—are what that pushes them past the obstacles to the next level of achievement.

As leaders you know how to set goals and have probably endured several sessions on using SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely). This is the base. If you set SMART goals and follow up on your progress on a regular basis, you are probably achieving good results. By doing this, you are practicing in the physical and mental realms. If you want to perform at an exceptional level, you have to literally “kick it up a notch” and practice at a higher level—at the emotional level. You have heard the saying, “Get your head in the game.” To be exceptional, you need to, “Get your heart in the game.”

Action! Let’s try it right now. 

First, think of a business objective or life goal. What date will you achieve this goal by? Commit to that date in your mind. Now, go to that date. In your mind, hop into your magic time machine and go to that date. Be there. You have achieved a winning outcome. What is it like on that day? What is the weather like? What are you wearing? What do your eyes look like when you look into the mirror knowing you have achieved your objective? How do you feel? What else do you feel? How does the air smell? 

Spend a good 15 minutes embracing this experience before returning to the present.  And for icing on the cake, ask yourself what song will you play when you do your happy dance? 

Any time doubt or fear creeps into your mind on your journey to this winning outcome—play your song, align with those feelings and you too will become the champion you are meant to be.

Diane Taylor is an inspirational speaker, facilitator, coach and blogger. An expert in developing exceptional, authentic and engaged leaders, she is passionate about helping people create balance and meaning in their lives. A recognized leader in her field of human resources, Diane is also a dance and hockey mom who lives in South Surrey, BC.

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