Ashton College’s Diploma in Human Resources Management Spans New Careers and Established Professionals


If you’ve been considering a career in human resources, or are already in the field, you will have thought about taking human resources courses online to break into or advance your role in HR. While life during the COVID-19 pandemic slowed things down for a little while, education is speeding back up as students embrace the technology that was already in place to deliver great learning in an online format. Ashton College’s Diploma in Human Resources Management is just one great example of HR courses offered online to benefit careers.

If you’re new to HR, your starting point should definitely be to take HR courses online. While some employers don’t necessarily ask for new HR employees to have a diploma in human resources management, having one will definitely make you stand out from other applicants. Why? Because you will have proof of your understanding and appreciation of the concepts taught in human resources courses online and your ability to apply those immediately upon being hired.

Those with Experience, Benefit from a Canadian HR Perspective

A recent graduate of Ashton College’s Diploma in Human Resources Management program was already well accomplished in the field of HR. She had a masters in HR in another country, but recognized that in immigrating to Canada, she needed to learn the specifics about Canadian labour laws and regulations. While some of the information in the HR courses online was a review of what she already knew, much of it was valuable information she appreciated.

Each country, and even each province and territory in Canada, has its own set of labour laws and regulations. While the recent Ashton College graduate was extremely knowledgeable in HR, she found the sections on labour laws and regulations to be valuable and insightful. Her experience also found that doing “roleplay” activities where one half of the class played management and the other half played the union, gave insight into how people can come together and work towards common goals, even when they are on seemingly opposing sides.

HR Courses Online Benefit those New to HR

The experience of that recent Ashton College graduate may make someone think the human resources courses online aren’t right for those new to the occupation, but that’s the beauty of this particular course structure. It is ideal for both sides of the spectrum – those new to HR as well as those who are experienced and are looking to upgrade knowledge in certain areas.

Because of the HR courses being offered online, new students can interact with their instructor and fellow students in an online forum-type environment that includes only their class. This allows for the ability to ask questions about portions of the program that may need more clarification or additional input outside of the formal class lecture session. Plus, because the online format is always available, you can ask question at any time and not have to wait for specific scheduled classes.

The Importance of a CPHR Designation

Just like having a diploma in Human resources Management isn’t essential to applying for some jobs, being a member of th Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) BC & Yukon may not be a requirement either. However, taking HR courses online that are accredited by CPHR BC & Yukon will give HR applicants a leg-up over the competition.

Not only does CPHR BC & Yukon accreditation of a course show that the program has been vetted, it also gives students the ability to apply for CPHR BC & Yukon membership and prove their commitment to their field to potential employers. there is also a student member rate

If you’re new to the HR field, are a seasoned professional or fall somewhere in between, it’s time to consider taking HR courses online to learn new skills and information or brush up on what you know while finding out the new information required to excel your career.


Human resource management online course at Ashton College is accredited by CPHR BC & Yukon and the member associations in all provinces except Ontario & Quebec. It allows students with a Bachelor’s degree to pursue the CPHR designation without taking the National Knowledge Examination (NKE). Learn more on Ashton College website.

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