Cindy Dopson, CPHR, Shares Insights On ‘Creating Momentum’ at the HR Conference + Tradeshow 2019


It’s so easy to fall into the urgency of all the demands on us—to run from meeting, to report, to project—and have the hours fly by. It can be even harder can to carve out the time to be proactive and to think strategically about our teams and organizations.

There’s so much potential to do more, if only we can make the time—and spend it with colleagues thinking creatively about solutions to the bigger challenges our organizations face. Those challenges are many and shared, ranging from tapping the potential of organizational talent for exponential productivity gains, to creating the environments that foster true innovation and make us agile, to creating healthy and diverse organizations where every voice can be heard; this and more, all amidst pervasive, dynamic change.

Making the time is key, but how we use it is everything.

I had lunch with a friend and colleague recently, and we got to talking about changes in our profession. He confessed to me that he often feels overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the technology advancements and all the ways it’s changing our HR roles.

When I worked in telecom, I was surrounded by technology and people who understood it every day, and it was a part of my world. But outside of that world, I know it takes extra effort to stay on

Cindy Dopson, CPHR, will be the Chair for the HR Conference + Tradeshow 2019.

top of the exponential rate of change—not only in technology, but in our understanding of people and how they work, and in increasingly complex economies and business paradigms. However, talking it through over lunch made it more manageable for my friend—the connection and shared knowledge and experience gave us both new thinking and energy again.

From every one of CPHR BC & Yukon’s HR Conference + Tradeshow, I have carried forward inspirations and lessons. Never once have I looked at my watch—except to ensure I am on time for the next breakout or keynote. Why? Simply put, each year the annual HR Conference + Tradeshow is a great opportunity to step out of the day-to-day and connect, learn, and inspire each other.

I have attended a lot of conferences over the years, and while many of them now blend together in my memories, I can see the trail of how they have impacted my approach, my thinking, and the work I do. John Herdman encouraged us to “rise.” David Rock showed us how neuroscience research reveals how so much of what we have been doing doesn’t actually work with human brains. Rick Mercer shared his courage and humour. Brene Brown stunned me with “imperfection is a gift.” That said, the conversations with colleagues at lunch and in the tradeshow stand out to me as much as the impressive keynote speakers.

This year our theme is “Creating Momentum.” It’s about more than inspiration, it’s about enduring motivation—about starting something that will not only continue after our two days together, but will gather strength and lead from ideas to solutions to actions.

Over the past year our committee has set out to put together a conference that will provoke conversations and push us all beyond our comfort zones to where we can create new and innovative solutions together. Together we can truly build momentum for the kind of change that we can’t achieve individually. I’m excited by the changes we have added into the program to create the spaces where we can do just that.

I have been inspired by our planning conversations, and honoured to serve as the Chair of the 57th Annual HR Conference + Tradeshow. I want to say the best part of serving as the Conference Chair is working with the dedicated HR professionals and thought leaders on the committee. The energy and ideas from that group could light a city for a week. Thank you to each of you—you know who you are.  And I know from past experiences that the best part is to come when the incredible staff and volunteers at CPHR BC & Yukon turn our ideas and efforts into the magic that happens of those two days.

I hope to see you at the HR Conference + Tradeshow 2019 on April 2-3, and encourage you to take everything from the experience. Listen, learn and question. Discuss openly and courageously—and then I challenge you to keep the momentum going!


Recognized as CPHR BC & Yukon’s HR Professional of the Year in 2013, Cindy D0pson, CPHR has over 20 of experience in operational and human resources leadership.  She is passionate about driving innovation and enabling change and about supporting leaders to engage employees and achieve organizational results.

Cindy has led human resource teams in non-profit, healthcare, fundraising, and telecommunications organizations, and has held responsibility for all aspects of strategic and operational HR.  She has also led the design and implementation of innovative and award-winning HR programs, and has contributed to overall business strategy achievement.

With  an MBA with a specialization in human resources leadership and the CPHR designation,Cindy is a dedicated volunteer in the human resources profession and in her community

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