Continuation of Your Benefits after Leaving Your Job

By Shane Hohlweg

There is a great deal of uncertainly as we move through our employment careers. In the event that your group coverage ends, you should be aware that options exist to continue coverage for life insurance, long-term disability (LTD), health and dental insurance under the terms of your employer sponsored benefit plan.

Most Canadian insurance companies will give you an opportunity to convert your existing group life coverage to an individual policy as long as the application is made within 31 days after the group insurance terminates and application is made before your 65th birthday. The coverage can be converted without evidence of insurability and the life insurance amount will vary from one insurance carrier to another.

For long term disability (LTD), you have a longer period of time to apply for the conversion to an individual policy: 6 months from the last date of employment. The pricing for the life insurance and LTD policies will be based on your current age, gender and your smoking status at the time of conversion.

In addition to the life insurance and LTD conversions, plan members have the opportunity to continue health and dental coverage without interruption of coverage. Conversion is available from any recognizable Canadian group benefits plan and usually application must be completed within 60 days of group coverage ending. You must have been covered for at least six months under your group plan to be eligible for conversion and you are eligible without needing to provide any type of medical history.

Even though your employment status may change over your career, you can be assured that there are options to keep your health benefits in place for you and your family’s financial security.

Shane Hohlweg is a principal with TRG Group Benefits. Contact him at 604 714 4449 or

This article was originally posted on the TRG Group Benefits blog.


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