In Celebration of HR Awards: Cindy Dopson, CPHR


Cindy Dopson, CPHR
2013 HR Professional of the Year

Recognized as CPHR BC & Yukon’s HR Professional of the Year in 2013, Cindy D0pson, CPHR has over 20 of experience in operational and human resources leadership.  She is passionate about driving innovation and enabling change and about supporting leaders to engage employees and achieve organizational results.

Cindy has led human resource teams in non-profit, healthcare, fundraising, and telecommunications organizations, and has held responsibility for all aspects of strategic and operational HR.  She has also led the design and implementation of innovative and award-winning HR programs, and has contributed to overall business strategy achievement.

With  an MBA with a specialization in human resources leadership and the CPHR designation,Cindy is a dedicated volunteer in the human resources profession and in her community.

Looking back, what was your experience like applying for the award and what do you recommend for those considering nomination?
Being nominated for the HR Awards of Excellence was a highlight in my career, and is still a source of pride and inspiration for me.  Winning was really the icing for me. The most amazing part of the experience was reading the nomination that had been put together and realizing the impact I was having on my organization.  That, together with meeting the other finalists in the process. I made connections with outstanding leaders that I value years later.

If you work with an HR professional who is making a difference, there is honestly no greater recognition than submitting a nomination.  The awards teams do such a great job of supporting the nominations to ensure the impact of the nominee really comes through and that the best of what they are doing is highlighted.  The quality of the awards finalists is so high, to be considered in that caliber is an honour regardless of the outcome.

How did the experience of recognition affect your or others’ impressions of the HR profession’s impact?
I have always known the extent of the impact of HR,  so it was exciting to have that shared out so broadly through the nomination and award recognition process.  I was proud to have my executive team at the awards ceremony to hear about the achievements of all the award finalists and winners, and to hear the stories of how we are influencing success in public, private and nonprofit organizations across the province.

What do you consider to be the hallmarks of an HR Professional of the Year?
An HR Professional of the Year is first and foremost a leader in their organization—someone who impacts the overall success of the business by enabling people.  These leaders see the puzzle before it’s built, and know how to find the pieces and put them together so the picture is clear for everyone.

An HR hero in the eyes of many, who was your first or most enduring role model or source of inspiration?
I was very fortunate early in my career to have a mentor and advocate who saw more for me than I saw for myself.  He pushed me to think bigger about my future and to not be afraid to leap boldly into new opportunities.  For over fifteen years the impact of his confidence and support has inspired me to take chances, to create new opportunities and to set high expectations for myself.

What is the ethos that drives your ongoing best efforts?
I just love what I do. It’s easy to put your best in each day when you are driven by passion.  I love seeing pieces come together: matching new leaders with an organization where they can thrive; seeing a new organizational structure come together to provide clarity and enable a team to bring their best to what they do; or providing coaching or feedback that allows someone to overcome obstacles and reach their potential.

At the end of the day it’s knowing that what you do makes a difference—how can you not give it everything you’ve got?

Have an HR star in your midst? Nominations for CPHR BC & Yukon’s 2019 Professional Awards are accepted until November 23, 2018. Learn more about the HR Professional of the Year and Rising Star awards and come celebrate. Come nominate today.


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