Infographic: Office Stretches For Your Desk

Feeling tension in your shoulders? Are you hunched over your keyboard?

Take care of yourself and give your aching body a break with these recommended office stretches from the team at hiredmyway:


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  1. Dean Gamblewest August 1, 2013 at 9:05 am · · Reply

    Execrcise ball are hazardous in the workplace. As an Occupational Safety Specialist I do not recommend sitting on a ball at your workstation. Exercise balls are a great exercise and stretching tool but they do not provide the required support to maintain neutral seated posture while working. In addition to this they do not conform to the CSA Ergonomic standards.
    Use exercise balls for exercising and get a good highly adjustable ergonomic chair and learn how to adjust it correctly to achieve a neutral seated posture.

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