Major Changes Voted In at AGM


BC HRMA has a new name. Made official at the Annual General Meeting held June 19th at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, the Association has changed it’s name to the Human Resources Management Association (HRMA). The new name will be rolled out over the summer with the Association’s new brand look and promise.

The AGM, the first presided over by HRMA’s new CEO Anthony Ariganello, also included the election of the Board of Directors. New additions to the Board are Susan Alley, CHRP, Gordon Orlikow, CHRP and Caroline Schein, CHRP.  The following directors were re-elected: Greg Conner, CHRP, Mike Desjardins, Cameron MacKenzie, CHRP, and Peter Saulnier, CHRP. TJ Schmaltz, CHRP was re-elected and named president-elect. Continuing directors are Barb Bahry, CHRP, Shaun Carpenter, Lisa Fuller, CHRP, Shannon Joly, CHRP (President), Len Posyniak, CHRP, and Susan Ryan, CHRP. Outgoing directors—Mike Cass, CHRP, Peggy O’Brien and Sandra Keyton—were acknowledged for their valuable contributions to the Association.

Other business included the voting, and passing, of a new fiscal year. The Association is changing its fiscal year end from June 30th to December 31st, effective for the six month period ending December 31st, 2014. This change will allow the Association to better match the operating cycle of its activities.

Joly provided an overview of the current status of the Association, highlighting a few key achievements of the past year:

  • Membership remained constant at 5,508;
  • Results from the annual member value survey demonstrate strong overall satisfaction as 80% of respondents indicated that they find their membership valuable;
  • The Experience Validation replaced the National Professional Practice Assessment and 100 individuals successfully completed this new process.; and
  • The Annual Conference + Tradeshow earned an overall satisfaction rating of 86%—Col. Col. Chris Hadfield was the highest ranking plenary speaker of all time.

More detailed information on the successes of the past year and the strategic goals leading forward is included in the AGM Report which is available in its entirety online.

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