Five Tips for Recruiting Top Talent in Competitive Markets

Recruiting top talent in a competitive market is a tough gig. It always seems like the next recruiter is one step ahead of you stealing your ideal candidates. In order to snag the cream of the crop, you need the best, most unique offer out there.

In order to create the most unique offer, you’ll need to include a few key things and approach the process as a whole in a very positive light. You want the employee to feel at home when you finally give them their offer. It’s also crucial to include a comfortable employee benefits and relocation package. Without these things, chances are your ideal candidate will accept the job next door.

Here are five tips for recruiting in a competitive market:

1. Emphasize What Makes You Unique
You’re actually already a pro at this step. Think about it. Most likely, you’ve already spent a good chunk of your time telling customers why you’re different from your competition. Now just take this strategy and apply it to your recruitment process.

Tell candidates what makes your company tick. What’s so unique about your company culture? Do you have quarterly laser tag outings? Maybe your employees are huge taco fans. Whatever makes you different from your competition, advertise it. Get your core values out to your candidates. Make sure they know who your company is as a whole.

The best thing about this strategy? It’s already emphasized in a lot of your current marketing campaigns. Simply further promote your core values through your current marketing campaigns and link your candidates to your social media platforms, so they get a true taste of who you are. Brand yourself in a way that top talent wants to be a part of.

2. Create a Positive Candidate Experience
Negative candidate experiences are a turn off for any candidate. No candidate wants to feel like they’re on the back burner, waiting on the edge of their seat. Make the candidate feel important and valued. This way they’ll be more willing to hop on board with your offer.

Respond to candidates right when they email. Show them that you care. Offers fly around in a competitive marketplace, but not everyone treats their candidates with respect and sincerity. Be the one recruiter that does.

3. Build Relationships
Building relationships is a crucial part of setting yourself apart in a competitive marketplace. When you deliver your offer, you want to be extremely familiar with your client. You want them to feel at home when they’re signing their offer letter. Create an authentic relationship that truly makes the client welcome.

Building a relationship is easy in the recruitment process. Get to know their likes, dislikes, hobbies, family facts, anything that shows them that you’re invested in this in the long run. The candidate is sure to appreciate the authenticity, and it may be the exact reason they sign with you.

4. Offer the Most Competitive Benefits Package
On top of the standard benefits (401K, health insurance, PTO, etc), try to set yourself apart in the benefits package you offer. Throw in some unique benefits like pet insurance, flexible work schedules, on-site gym memberships (if possible), or half-day Fridays. Get creative.

Companies like Google and Twitter are known for their glamorous employee benefits such as yoga classes and catered meals. We know this is way out of budget for a lot of companies. Be reasonable, but if you have some extra cash, throw in a few unique benefits that will certainly pay off in the long run.

5. Include a Relocation Package
A relocation package can be the final key to signing the ideal candidate. It’s expensive for an employee to relocate. A relocation package makes your offer extremely appealing to out-of-town candidates.

Choosing what to include in an employee relocation package is up to you. Offer to cover moving expenses, temporary housing, broken lease reimbursement, or help with selling their home. Overall make the relocation process as simple as possible. These perks may just be the final step to securing a candidate.

The perfect recruiting process and offer make the candidate feel welcome and valued. Follow these tips and you’re sure to recruit the best talent in the most competitive markets out there.

Michael Krasman is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded five high-growth businesses over his 15 year career. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of UrbanBound, a cloud-based Relocation Management Software company that is reshaping the way employers offer and administer relocation benefits to their employees. 


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