Top Ten Easiest Ways to Express Appreciation


By Dr. Paul White

1. Give a verbal compliment. Say “thanks for …”; tell them, “I’m glad you are part of the team.”

2. Write an email. “I just wanted to let you know …; “It is really helpful to me when you …”

3. Stop by and see how your colleague is doing. Spend a few minutes just chatting and checking in on them.

4. Do something together with your co-worker. Try eating together.

5. Do a small task for someone spontaneously such as hold open the door or offer to carry something.

6. Stop by their workspace and see if they need any help getting something done.

7. Buy them coffee, a drink, a snack or dessert.

8. Get them a magazine related to an area of interest they have (sports, hobbies, a place they would like to visit).

9. Give them a “high five” when they have completed a task, especially one that has been challenging or they have been working on a while.

10. Greet your colleague warmly, with a smile and a handshake. Say something like “It’s good to see you!”; “How is your day going?”

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