3 Walking Meditations for the Summer


It’s the time of year when we revel in the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the summer months.

Here are three walking meditations to explore and play with. Try these on your breaks to experience the great outdoors. Remember to be keenly aware, and walk safely!

1. Regular Pace Walking
Walk at a relaxed pace, and as your left foot touches the ground, say ‘left’ silently to yourself. As your right foot touches the ground, say ‘right’ silently to yourself. And so on. This keeps you mindful and present as you pay attention to syncing your words with your steps.

2. Shifting Awareness
Walk at a relaxed pace, and place your awareness on your breath for a short while. Anchor in the present moment by feeling your body breathing. Then shift your awareness to your surroundings (for example, place keen awareness on sounds, sights, smells, activity, etc). Shift your awareness back and forth between your breath and your surroundings.

3. The Very Slow Walk
If you don’t care who may watch you, try taking super slow small steps, synced with your breathing. As you take a step forward and your heel touches the ground, exhale. As you shift your weight forward on the same foot, inhale.

Walking meditation is a wonderful, mindful way of giving ourselves a break from our busy days. It’s a great way to bring more movement into our lives and a sense of relaxation and calm. You can even try doing this during your work day as you walk from place to place, meeting to meeting.

HR professionals are busy people! Capture these opportunities for mindful moments for yourself.

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